beautifully crafted from light weight, yet highly durable toughened aluminium comes the latest range from the eaziglide collection! the new Neverstick range features some of the great qualities from Neverstick2, but at a more affordable price. there is no need to add oil or butter when using these pans, as the eaziglide innovative Neverstick non-stick coating provides excellent food release and is easy to clean. cooking using the Neverstick coating also is better for your lifestyle, as not having to use oil or butter is a healthier option. we call it ‘dry frying’.

eaziglide’s exclusive Neverstick coating lasts much longer than conventional non-stick coating systems, using our stronger non-stick technology. its dishwasher safe, flake and peel free, and 100% PFOA free.

the Neverstick range is stronger than other non-sticks, using our two layer non-stick technology to provide the classic Neverstick quality at a reduced price.

the Neverstick range utilises a full stainless-steel core plated induction base. this results in super quick and even heat distribution to ensure the best cooking surface. it also uses less energy to get to optimum cooking temperature. best of all it works on any cooker, from the conventional gas, to the modern induction cooker. the stainless steel base means that 100% of the base is in contact with induction cookers taking full advantage of the magnetic properties, allowing for superior heat conductivity.

the bakelite handles are comfortable to hold and remain cool whilst you are cooking. it’s also resistant to scratches.

the Neverstick range is covered by eaziglide’s lifetime guarantee, which includes the non-stick.