what is Neverstick3?

crafted from aviation-grade anodised aluminium for intense durability, this collection is the strongest collection of non-stick cookware we’ve ever made.
the collection is electrochemically hardened and features our new incredible Neverstick3 non-stick coating, this results in an even more durable pan which has a significantly longer lifespan that can be twice as strong as stainless steel.

why Neverstick?

the most common problem with non-stick coatings is that “they peel and flake off” or “they wear out too quickly”. to solve this problem our team set out to create a new toughening system for our most revolutionary range of innovative cookware.

we’ve put eaziglide Neverstick3 through a vigorous series of tests, from industry-standard tests to consumer field tests and the results are simply staggering. not only does the non-stick last much longer than conventional non-stick systems, but it also features incredible food release (so washing up is a doddle!) and a truly amazing cooking surface that allows you to cook using no oil or butter.

the Neverstick3 coating outshines ceramic coatings by a country mile whilst still retaining the main selling points for ceramic coatings; a beautiful, healthy, PFOA free non-stick cooking surface.


the stainless steel plate is impact bonded to the pan body using a 2,500 tonne friction press, this results in super quick and even heat distribution to ensure the best cooking surface. it also uses less energy to get to an optimum cooking temperature. best of all it works on any cooker, from the conventional gas, to the modern induction cooker. the stainless steel base means that 100% of the base is in contact with induction cookers taking full advantage of the magnetic properties, allowing for superior heat conductivity.